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Saturday Critique with Rivkah LaFille

February 19, 2022 @ 11:30 am 12:30 pm UTC

Rivkah’s critiques sessions will now be held every third Saturday!!!

Here are a few guidelines to keep it flowing smoothly:


WHAT TO BRING: Bring anything you want so long as it is comics-related and is for kids, nothing adult (character designs for a comic are totes okay, as are websites and social media that focus on kids comics). There are limits, however:

  • Please don’t bring more than five pages of script. 
  • Please don’t bring more than eight pages of comics. 

There may occasionally be exceptions (we won’t kick you out because you brought nine pages instead of eight), but we do ask that this limit be generally followed so that everybody gets their turn!

TIME: The time every person gets will be decided by how many people attend. Every session is 1 hour long, so if five people have work to share, that’s ten minutes each, but if ten people want to share, that’s five minutes each. 

Keep in mind that the more you have to share, the shorter your time becomes for critical feedback. So please keep it succinct when possible!

BRING YOUR WORK WITH YOU: We won’t be providing a way to upload your images/script so please be sure you have your work available to other members in a way that can be easily shared. That can be by sharing your screen via Zoom or by creating a Google Doc, a PDF, a website, an Instagram post, uploading to dropbox, etc, and sharing the link in the chat. Please try to keep your files below 10MB as a consideration to other members who may have slower download speeds and slower computers.

REMEMBER YOUR CRITIQUE SANDWICH: Anybody can pitch in and critique (we encourage it!), but we want this to be a positive group that focuses on building strength. A general rule is to look for something positive in the work you are critiquing first, “sandwich” in your criticism, and end with another positive. Also, try to discern the difference between a critique that caters to your personal tastes and aesthetics vs the skill and craft of the work you are critiquing. It’s possible to not like a work but still recognize its skill. If you have absolutely nothing nice to say, it really is better to say nothing at all and let others do the critiquing.

If you are up for critique yourself, let the group know what sort of feedback you are looking for. It will help you get a more targeted critique. You don’t have to implement every critique you get. A critique is also an opinion, but there may be a germ of truth somewhere in that opinion. Use what you want, discard the rest, and don’t feel guilty doing so. This is YOUR creative vision after all! Nobody can realize that better than you. Go in with an open mind and it’ll be easier to implement the critiques that you think will help you and discard the ones that don’t.

TAKE PART: People who give also get. If you want more, better, broader, deeper feedback, then seek to give the same in return. 

AND YES: You can attend even if you have nothing to share!

Looking forward to seeing y’all there.


February 19, 2022
11:30 am – 12:30 pm UTC
Studio Member
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