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Kids Comics Unite is a community of children’s graphic novel creators and other industry professionals. We share tips, stories, and ideas and help each other move forward in our careers.

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What You’ll Find Inside

Nerdy kidlit comic people

  • Get ideas, ask questions, and network with other kids graphic novel professionals

Hive knowledge

  • Find information about targeted resources in the children’s graphic novel field, like tools, courses, conferences, and more.
  • Learn from other creators who are out there doing it, and know exactly what you’re going through.

Live event action

  • Virtual (and in-person) opportunities to hang out and learn with your fellow creators.

Book launches

  • Host your own book launch event for the KCU community and share your journey with us.

Who is KCU for?

  • Newcomers and beginners who want to learn the graphic novel craft

  • Established children’s graphic novel creators

  • Children’s graphic novel editors, art directors, and agents

What KCU means to creators

“Kids Comics Unite is an incredible community. Since joining, I’ve improved my website and made great progress on projects. I love learning about comics from Janna, the other creators here, and the inspiring guest speakers.”

—Bethanie Murguia
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“Eye-opening, inspiring, and extremely helpful.”


“I’ve queried to three different agents! I’m waiting on responses but I did it! That’s something I had no clue how to do before all of this.”

—Nate Lovett
Nate Lovett

It’s easy to get started

And it’s free. So dive on in, the water’s fine. (Don’t mind the laser sharks.)

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