Community Policy

Be awesome!

Share links to helpful stuff. Ask questions “out loud” – because other people probably have similar questions and will benefit from the answers to your questions. Cheer your fellow creators on! Offer feedback when others ask for it. Post links to great events, classes, articles, podcasts, videos, books, and other content that will inspire other creators. Bottom line: do anything that helps make our community as useful, open, and encouraging as it can be. Help make KCU the kind of place that you like to hang out!

Self-promotion is OK, but only in limited and specific ways

Follow the 80/20 rule: it’s OK to occasionally post links or examples of your work, make announcements, and/or celebrate successes, but you should be posting about 4 times as much about other stuff of general value to the community. If you provide services relevant to kids/YA comics creators, you may include this in your bio. Repeated offers in the Activity Feed of a service you provide are not OK. If you’d like us to feature your work in a Kids Comics Launch panel, interview, blog post, or workshop, reach out to us at

Zero tolerance for harassment

If we see something that goes against our community spirit, we may either talk to you privately to let you know it isn’t OK, remove the offending post or comment, or expel you from the group, depending on the type of violation.

KCU is open to members ages 16 and above.

KCU is a community for creators and industry professionals.

What to do if you see anything that violates the above tenets

Email us at Let us know what happened and include screenshots if that would be helpful.

You can also report inappropriate comments by using the three dots next to a comment and selecting More.  If you report someone it will send a report to us (the hosts). Click here for more info on blocking or reporting someone.

Keep our community positive and supportive

We are lucky to have an extraordinarily positive, supportive community. Let’s do everything we can to keep it that way.