Answering Qs about KCU Pitchfest and KidLit GN!

We have gotten a lot of questions about “what’s the difference between KCU Pitchfest and KidLitGN?”

Yes, it is a bit confusing! 

First of all, these are two separate pitch opportunities: KCU Pitchfest and KidLit GN. Please note that they are run by two different organizations: KCU (us) and KidLit GN

We promoted them together since they are happening around the same time and because we like each other! And we want to get these opportunities to as many creators as possible.

KidLit GN is an annual all-volunteer-run FREE pitch opportunity that is taking place NOW on

Pitchfest is an annual juried pitch event run by Kids Comics Unite. It will open for submissions on October 10th and close on October 24th. You can find out more about Pitchfest here.

This table is meant to help the community understand the differences between these two pitch events:



Entry Dates

Oct. 1st 8 AM EST —
Oct. 3rd 11:59 PM EST
Oct. 10th 8 AM EST —
Oct. 24th at 11:59 PM EST

Juried Event


Who is on the jury?
See the full list at:

Will ALL submissions be included in the gallery/ on the website?
No, this is a curated gallery of pitches. The number of pitches in the gallery will depend on the number of submissions and the vote distribution.

When will the pitches be open for viewing?
Oct. 4th (8AM EDT) — 
Oct 6 (11:59PM EDT)
Nov 4th onwards. The gallery will stay on the KCU website indefinitely. 

How will agents and editors find the gallery/website?

The website will be promoted to a large group of industry professionals.

The gallery will be promoted to a large group of industry professionals.

How will I know if an agent or editor liked my pitch?
Agents and editors are free to like and comment on any of the pitches on the website.
The gallery will be promoted to a large group of industry professionals. Agents and editors can contact any of the creators in the gallery.

What do I need to submit?

Each project can include one art file of up to 5MB each plus a pitch of 600 character max. See website for more details:

– A short synopsis of your graphic novel (750 characters max)

– A cover image or cover page

– Two to four sample spreads

– A short bio (500-characters max)

– Headshot (photo or drawing)

– A description of why you created this specific graphic novel project and/or what it means to you (750 characters max)

Agented and Unagented

Can I submit as an author only?

How many pitches can I submit?
Up to 3Up to 3; each pitch requires a separate entry fee of $95.

Do I need a full manuscript?

If you are an author only, you’ll need a completed manuscript to participate in this event.

If you are an author-illustrator, you’ll need sample chapters and sample art.

If you are an illustrator only, you do not need a manuscript. 
No. We advise having a full pitch ready so you are ready if agents or editors contact you.

Where do I submit?


PB-MG graphic novels

(YA is included on a separate website which you can find here:
PB – YA graphic novel

Yes, illustrators can submit a portfolio.No, pitches only.

Can I submit as a team?

Yes, but multiple members may not load the same pitch, so choose one of you to upload it.

Can creators outside the U.S. submit?

Yes. Most of the agents and editors we contact are US-based, but we are getting more international interest.
Yes, some of the jury members are from publishing companies outside the U.S. All pitches must be in English.

Please go to KidLit GN website and the Pitchfest webpage for the most up-to-date information. 

Questions about KidLit GN should be directed to their website. KCU Pitchfest questions can be posted in the comments section below!

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