Introducing the Kids Comics Studio Accountability Group!

Do you ever struggle with…

  • getting motivated to do daily work on your creative projects?
  • finding the time do your creative work in between all your other obligations?
  • finishing your GN project when you have so many other “shiny new ideas” clamoring for your attention?

If any of these issues sound familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I’d be willing to bet that 99% of writers and artists struggle with one or more of the above issues.

But even though 99% of us have the same “time and focus” problems, there are some creators who face them head-on and Get %&*# Done.

Do they have some sort of iron willpower that the rest of us lack?

Not necessarily. Almost every creator I meet whom I consider productive and successful has learned how to leverage some sort of external structure to help them achieve their goals.

One type of structure that can help you make massive progress is an Accountability Group.

What is an Accountability Group?

An accountability group is a gathering of people who set individual goals and hold one another accountable. The group meets regularly to share their action steps, report on their progress, and offer support to each other.

Starting this Wednesday, October 5th, at 12:30 pm EST, we’re launching the first Accountability Group in Kids Comics Studio.


What is the Kids Comics Studio Accountability Group?

Our Accountability Group is a new offering in the Studio program that is open to any Studio member.

This Accountability Group is for you if:

  • You’re serious about your comics work
  • You have a specific project (or stage of a project) you want to finish, such as: writing the first draft of your script; completing the pencils of your graphic novel; preparing for a crowdfunding campaign; planning a book launch, etc, etc.
  • You need some help defining realistic action steps
  • You feel like having cheerleading, feedback, and structure would help you make faster progress

What you’ll get as part of our Accountability Group:

  • A 3-month accountability period to accomplish a project that’s important to you
  • Monthly Zoom meetings to meet with peers, get clear on your goal, develop an action plan, discuss your challenges, and get feedback
  • Weekly check-ins to hold yourself accountable
  • All the other benefits you get from the Studio program: weekly live workshops and interviews; office hours; critique sessions; and a rich archive of workshop and interview videos

In sum, the Accountability Group is a mentored group where we’ll develop clear goals and share our intentions on how we’ll complete them. You’ll get support on developing your milestones and guidance to get them done.

The energy, enthusiasm, and support you get from a group of kindred spirits is invaluable. I am so excited to see what you accomplish!

The first session for the Accountability Group is:

12:30 pm EST on Wednesday, October 5th

If you want to join the group, you must join Studio before our first session.

Kids Comics Studio is free for the first month and $39 per month thereafter. You can cancel your membership anytime.

What do you have to lose? Give it a try! 

I’m excited to see you on Wednesday. Click here to join.

Have any questions? Post them below!

About Janna Morishima

Janna Morishima is the founder of Kids Comics Unite and a literary agent who specializes in graphic novels and visual storytelling. She started her publishing career at Scholastic, where she was one of the co-founders of the Graphix imprint. She then became director of the Kids Group for Diamond Book Distributors, where she worked with publishers such as Marvel, Dark Horse, and Oni Press, and helped launch Françoise Mouly’s Toon Books imprint. In addition to her background in publishing, she has worked as an associate producer for documentary films, and as an assistant teacher in a kindergarten and a teacher in a high school for teens in the juvenile justice system. She later launched and ran the NYC Department of Education’s “NYC Reads 365” literacy initiative.

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